Psychedelics, Therapy, and People of Color

Note that we don't want to turn anyone way due to lack of funds. If the ticket price is an issue, please email us at! LOCATION: The New School (55 West 13th Street), Room I-205, Dorothy Hirshon Suite Join us for a discussion with Monnica Williams, PhD, Will Siu, MD, DPhil, and Nicolas Powers, PhD, on the topic of psychedelic therapy for people of color and race-based trauma. Not [...]

April 4th, 2018|

Zig Zag Zen: Psychedelics & The Path to Enlightenment

This is a four-part seminar taught by professor Doc Kelley, meeting on Thursday evenings - 3/29, 4/12/, 4/19, & 4/26 at Berg'n Beer hall. When Zig Zag Zen: Psychedelics and Buddhism came out in April 2001, the first Internet bubble had burst but the world had not yet fallen to pieces. The book included mind-bending artwork by artists like Alex Grey and essays by Buddhist luminaries such as Huston Smith, [...]

March 29th, 2018|

Psychedelic Integration

We'll be hosting our first integration session of 2018 next Saturday on 3/24! To keep it intimate, we'll be limiting the number of tickets to 30. We will break into groups of 5-8 people depending on how many people come. After everyone shares in their own group, we will break into a larger circle and share collectively, aided by an experienced facilitator. Please email us at if you have [...]

March 24th, 2018|

Revelation Now: Entheogens and Personal Spirituality

Entheogens have been shown in numerous empirical studies to help individuals heal from PTSD, anxiety, and depression, but what about their contributions to our understanding of the divine? While the use of entheogens for psychological benefits are widely discussed, how might they be used for contemporary spirituality? Please join us this coming Sunday, February 4th, for a discussion on entheogens and their potential relevance for personal spirituality, theology, and religious [...]

February 4th, 2018|

Open dialogue on sexual harassment in the psychedelic scene

#UsToo: an open dialogue on sexual harassment/assault in the psychedelic and spiritual communities. Recently, many brave souls have opened up about their experiences of being sexually harassed or assaulted, especially in the entertainment world. But what about in the psychedelic and spirituality scene? Psychedelics put individuals in very vulnerable positions and are usually administered from a person with authority, such as a shaman or a guide. This event is meant [...]

January 4th, 2018|

Becoming a Psychedelic Good Samaritan with Katherine MacLean PhD

The Brooklyn Psychedelic Society is pleased to introduce our first Psychedelic Education course, Becoming a Psychedelic Good Samaritan with Katherine MacLean, PhD. Psychedelics are making a comeback, both in clinical research and in intentional or recreational use. This new reality presents certain opportunities as well as challenges. Psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, and MDMA can bring about profound experiences, from intensely blissful, healing and liberating to hellish, frighening [...]

January 4th, 2018|

Wisdom Wednesday: Spiritual Practice Share

Come join the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society community for our first Wisdom Wednesday of 2018: Spiritual Practice Share. Come share your spiritual/grounding practices with our members! What do you do to best integrate powerful (or not-so-powerful!) psychedelic insights into your daily life? Meditation, yoga, prayer, journaling, reading? Or perhaps an art practice like ceramics, drawing, or writing poetry? Do you notice a difference in your life when you have a consistent [...]

January 3rd, 2018|

Wisdom Wednesday, 11/29

Come join us for our second Wisdom Wednesday at the Pacific Standard bar in Brooklyn, tomorrow on 11/29. Hi everyone, this is Colin. Two weeks ago I opened up about an intense summer experience I had, in public, with my friend Katherine MacLean by my side. One of the best parts about the meeting two weeks ago was that so many people came up to me afterwards and said they [...]

November 29th, 2017|

Friendsgiving: Dinner and Talk with Neal Goldsmith, PhD

Join us on November 19th for our first Psychedelic Friendsgiving! We will be hosting Neal Goldsmith, PhD for a presentation on "Psychedelics and Developmental Psychology", followed by Q+A and then dinner (pizza) and convo. Feel free to BYOB if you want and also a dish to share if you'd like! We'll be having our Psychedelic Friendsgiving at the awesome psychedelic livingroom-esque space known as the RAKit Club in Ridgewood! There [...]

November 19th, 2017|
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