Colin Pugh Announcement

Dear Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn members, Hello! My name is Colin Pugh and I'm the new organizer for the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn, along with my co-organizer Andrei Gheorghe : ) Daniel Miller, the founder of PSB and a close friend of mine, has recently stepped down as head organizer of the group to focus on practicing as a lawyer. With a pedigree like his and his unrivaled passion for the psychedelic renaissance, I know that Danny is going to have an enormous role in psychedelics becoming something we can all utilize legally, for both personal and spiritual reasons. So I'd like to thank you Danny for all the hard work you did in getting the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn off the ground. I am honored to carry this brilliant torch I've been passed. A lot of exciting things are in store! I've probably met quite a few of you but I know there are a large number that I haven't, so I'm going to give you a brief introduction of who I am, why I care about psychedelics, and what I see for the future of the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and went to Northeastern University for college, where I double-majored in criminal justice and philosophy. I currently work in the tech world as a product manager. I dabbled in using psychedelics when I was in college, and even had some powerful experiences. But I always just considered those powerful experiences pretty neat blips in the system that is day to day life. Powerful, but still just blips. It wasn't until 2014, when I had a supremely positive experience on MDMA, that psychedelics became part of my identity, both as a cause to fight for and as a tool for me to grow. Some of you have probably heard me share my MDMA story at one of our many psychedelic story nights, so I'll spare you the entire story save for a sentence: It was like having cumbersome, heavy, calcified armor swiftly evaporated from over my heart, where a tenderness and [...]

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Daniel Miller Announcement

Hey all, More than a year after founding the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn, I’ve decided to step down and pass the leadership baton to others. I don’t make this decision lightly. I’ve poured my heart into this group. But it’s the right decision for me personally. My friend and society member Colin Pugh will take the lead in running the group. When I started the meetup two summers ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had never run a group before, let alone a meetup group about psychedelics. In many ways, I felt completely out of my depth and my comfort zone. But I felt like I had to do something. I’ve never felt as passionately about an issue in my entire life, and I thought that starting this group would be a small step in the right direction to change the conversation about psychedelics. And I’m happy to say that I think it has. Through our lectures, our parties with Psymposia and Consciousness Hacking, our strategy sessions, our many dinners, our open mic night, our advocacy (from bicycle day to our collaboration in the#PsychedelicsBecause campaign), and the many, many informal gatherings in between, we have been a force for good in the psychedelic movement. We’ve also helped build community in New York, which is something I’m particularly proud of. I still remember that first day in the park. I was really nervous, even with my unicorn hat and a prepared spiel. And not only had I resolved not to share my own personal experiences, but I sheepishly prohibited others from sharing theirs. In some ways, this made sense. My main motivation at the beginning was to educate and advocate for psychedelics, I didn’t want the group to just be a trip-sharing forum, and also . . . I’m a lawyer. But over time, my thinking and motivations changed. I saw the power that sharing personal experiences could have, both from a personal and emotional perspective and as a way to advocate for psychedelics. I also realized that the main goal of this group needed to be [...]

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Dreamers at the Gates of a Post-Prohibition World

An Emerging Landscape In sub-communities that use psychedelics, or even follow the resurgence in research, a new term is emerging: a “post-prohibition world.” The phrase suggests that we’re on the verge of breaking into a new landscape of drug regulation. It suggests a realm beyond prohibition, where psychedelics are legally accessible for individuals and institutions to explore. The idea of institutional interest in psychedelics is unexamined in great detail. Thought experiments of this nature can catalyze an intense infusion of speculation and imagination. This is an unexplored vista of futurism, laced with wonder and paranoia. Associating “psychedelics” with “institutions” creates a cultural meme that slices through aging and obsolete caricatures. […]

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