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LOCATION: The New School (55 West 13th Street), Room I-205, Dorothy Hirshon Suite

Join us for a discussion with Monnica Williams, PhD, Will Siu, MD, DPhil, and Nicolas Powers, PhD, on the topic of psychedelic therapy for people of color and race-based trauma.

Not since before the start of the War on Drugs have we have ever been this close to legalizing psychedelic medicines for psychotherapy. This pivotal moment is the culmination of decades of tireless advocacy and clinical research. But one big question looms over all of this exciting progress: how do we ensure it benefits more than just an exclusive club? Past and current clinical research protocols and psychotherapy studies have been developed and implemented almost exclusively in white populations, with little consideration as to how populations of people of color may differ in diagnosis or treatment responses. Despite experiencing disproportionate trauma, few people of color are participating as patients in psychedelic research studies, including studies for PTSD. People of color are also uncommon in leadership positions in the psychedelic research community. The panel will discuss issues impacting people of color in psychedelic medicine.

Dr. Williams is the Clinical Investigator of the MAPS-sponsored MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD trials at the University of Connecticut (a study site focused on the recruitment and treatment of people of color), where she is an Associate Professor of Psychology. Dr. Siu is a New York City-based psychiatrist in private practice and is a sub-investigator on the UConn MDMA trials, where he is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Powers is a poet, journalist, professor of literature, and a powerful voice in psychedelics and race. The discussion will be facilitated by Colin Pugh, head of the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society.