Come join the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society community for our first Wisdom Wednesday of 2018: Spiritual Practice Share. Come share your spiritual/grounding practices with our members!

What do you do to best integrate powerful (or not-so-powerful!) psychedelic insights into your daily life? Meditation, yoga, prayer, journaling, reading? Or perhaps an art practice like ceramics, drawing, or writing poetry? Do you notice a difference in your life when you have a consistent practice compared to when its inconsistent? Do you not have a practice but are interested in hearing how others have employed them to grow? Come learn from others in an intimate setting as we share what’s helped us best leverage our psychedelic journeys.

We don’t have a particular religious or spiritual leaning at the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, and in fact we use the term “spiritual” to mean mainly as a commitment to be the best, most free version of yourself, whether your athiest, theist, agnostic, or [I prefer not to identify with anything]. Please email me at if you have any questions : )