Come join us for our second Wisdom Wednesday at the Pacific Standard bar in Brooklyn, tomorrow on 11/29.

Hi everyone, this is Colin. Two weeks ago I opened up about an intense summer experience I had, in public, with my friend Katherine MacLean by my side. One of the best parts about the meeting two weeks ago was that so many people came up to me afterwards and said they were happy to hear all of the struggles and difficulties that psychedelics can bring in to a person’s life, shared in a public setting. There were lots of heads nodding in agreement as my story was told. It seemed that a lot of people left that evening with a sense of solidarity and perhaps relief; relief from knowing they are not alone in having had their life made more difficult rather than easier, darkening rather than lightening, obscure rather than lucid, with the use of psychedelics. The use of psychedelics isn’t always rainbows and bubbles!

I would like tomorrow evening to be a continuation of that conversation, but for members of the community and their experiences rather than my own. For me personally, the derailing I’ve experienced with the use of psychedelics has made me seriously reflect on how they fit into my life. In staying true to the name of “Wisdom Wednesday”, I would like tomorrow night to be an opportunity for members of the community to share their experiences with the less than optimal outcomes from the use of psychedelics. So many stories and articles we read on psychedelics are usually extolling their many benefits, and I think most of us could easily cite those at the drop of a dime. After all, we aren’t members of the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society because they’ve made things worse! Most of us are a part of the community because we’ve benefited from or know someone who has benefited from the intentional and responsible use of psychedelics. But I think it is wise for us to open up to each other, as a community, about some of the less than beneficial outcomes we’ve experienced.

That said, I don’t want the event tomorrow to be all darkness and no light! Many, if not all, of the difficult experiences we’ve had with psychedelics usually turn out for the better eventually, and I think that’s something that would be of great benefit for all of us to hear and remember.

There will be a $10 suggested donation for this event. It is not required, but would be appreciated. Please email me at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Looking forward to seeing you there.