WEWPEWPEW: the scientifically-validated phonetic spelling of what an airhorn sounds like.

This will be the Brooklyn Psychedelic’s Society FIRST party! Why is it named wewpewpew? Because we believe that the nonviolent revolution will be lead by the sound of AIRHORNS rather than french horns or bugles or whatever it is they used in other revolutions.

To simulate a post-revolution environment, the main focus of this party will be to hang out, converse, and chill with other cool people while drinking UNLIMITED (that’s right) kombucha! And because at post-revolution parties won’t need alcohol to numb anything, there also will be no booze at this event! Pretty please don’t bring your own. In other acronyms, PDBYOB (please don’t bring your own booze). Alcohol seems to have the exact OPPOSITE effect on the psyche as our beloved psychedelics do. So we’re going to experiment without it. But, as would probably happen at a sweet post-revolution party, the GREEN (wink wink) is not only allowed but encouraged : )

We will have two awesome DJs (Misha Lepetic and another TBA), some lights, couches, pillows, art, a backyard where you can smoke, and ALL YOU CAN DRINK kombucha graciously provided by Lehigh Valley Kombucha (https://www.facebook.com/LehighValleyKombucha/).

This is seriously the best kombucha I’ve ever tasted. It will be limitless, cold, refreshing, and delicious! There will also be yum yum uplifting snacks available : )

Our first party will be held at the lovely psychedelic-living-room-esque space known as the RAKit Club. RAK in RAKit stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It’s supremely warm and welcoming, decked out with not only a swath of comfy couches and chairs, but also an indoor SWING and a cozy backyard!

Please join us for our first party! Tickets are $20 online and will be $25 at the door <333