Join us this Thursday for a look at the historical highlights of 5000 years of humankind’s search for mind enhancing natural and synthetic organic brews! Plus, an overview of the current science in 2017 and what’s on the horizon for the future of psychedelic research.

Edward Potter began his working life as peptide chemist at Rockefeller University in Manhattan, and lucked out with a boss that won the Nobel Prize in organic chemistry. He followed up at Cornell University Medical College, working on the science of muscular cell regeneration after injury, and doing some of the first DNA sequencing projects. After getting a graduate degree in IT (thesis on the use of humanitarian relief efforts using technology after natural disasters), he did a stint as an Adjunct Professor for the State University of New York (SUNY Potsdam) teaching new and emerging technologies.

Currently he is at a Brooklyn based startup ( working on voice computing, memories, and making sense of our past history as we transition our conciseness to the cloud. And an eternal optimist that we’ll still be here, still searching, for the next 5000 years.