Directions here, details below!


1. Meet at the NJ Transit Trains in Penn Station at 10:45am

2. Board train to Dover at 11:11am (Train #6291)

3. Get off at Seacaucus Junction @ 11:20am

4. Transfer/board train to Port Jervis (Train #73). Train departs @ 11:31am

5. Arrive at Tuxedo station @ 12:17pm

6. Stop for supplies/snax and then walk as a PSYCHEDELIC COMMUNITY (woo!) to Harriman State Park. It should be about a 15 minute walk, which New Yorkers will have no problem with

7. Hike.

8. Take the 4:20 (…) or 6:40 train @ Tuxedo back to Penn Station


NATURE. Poets, mystics, artists, authors, and literally everyone has spoken about the importance of quality nature time. It’s also an important component to integrating lessons learned from psychedelic experiences.

Living in New York can make getting your nature fix a bit difficult, so we’re going to make it easier by going as a group. Another important treasure that’s hard to get in the city is silence. During this hike, we’re going to have at least 1 hour where we’ll be silent as we trek.

A member of our community, Maria, will be guiding us on our hike : )

This will be our first nature excursion! Please email me at if you have any questions or comments.

Train tickets are ~$14 round trip

Note that this hike is not about taking anything and then hiking. This is for those who are looking for community and a day in nature, which are two things that one usually realizes are important after they’ve had a good psychedelic/entheogenic experience.

Psychedelics are still illegal even though we’re a public facing group. We do not engage in or promote illegal activities at our meetups. Please be sensitive to that so we can keep this group public. Thank you <3