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Have you had a psychedelic experience and are looking for someone to talk to? Curious about what you’ve read about psychedelics in the news? Or maybe someone you know uses psychedelics and you’re wondering if it’s safe?

Come to one of our monthly public groups to learn more, share your story, and have your questions answered in a safe, supportive environment. Each meeting will be facilitated by Dr. Katherine MacLean, the director of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program and will include guided meditation, experiential exercises and group discussion.

We are also thrilled to have special guest facilitator, Dr. Tanya Maté in town to join Katherine in leading this group. Tanya is the Integration Director for the Temple of the Way of Light, with expertise in ayahuasca and trauma. If you’ve had an intense experience with psychedelics, particularly ayahuasca, this might be just the opportunity for you to share your story and begin the important work of integrating the lessons, feelings and insights into your daily life.


Psychedelic integration groups will be held once a month on Wednesdays from 7-9pm at our new location at 370 Lexington Ave, Suite 500 (corner of 41st and Lexington).

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and get settled. Because of the intimate nature of the experience, we will begin promptly at 7 and you may not be allowed to join the group if you arrive late.

Tickets for each group are $30 per person. Contact us at info@psychedelicprogram.com using your .edu email for a $15 student discount ticket. Discounts are also available by purchasing a group package (3 groups for $75). Donations in support of our education and training services can be made by purchasing a Patron ticket for $60 per group.

If you have had a personal psychedelic experience, whether it was intensely positive or challenging and confusing, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your story and learn from others about how to integrate the lessons from these experiences into your daily life. The group is also open to people who have never had a personal experience with psychedelics. We will focus on best practices for implementing positive life changes and reducing potential harms associated with psychedelic use.

In keeping with the law and out of respect for your fellow group members, we strongly discourage the active use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group meetings.

This event is hosted by The Psychedelic Program, with the support of the Center for Optimal Living. Information about The Psychedelic Program, including monthly groups, experiential workshops, individual psychotherapy, and educational and training events, can be found at www.psychedelicprogram.com