In a time of rising nationalism and racism, psychedelics can be an entry point to the vista of universal consciousness:

From Brexit to Trump’s election, the West is in crisis. A civilization torn between democracy, capitalism and racism is ripping apart. Now more than ever, plant based medicines give us a map to psychic healing that can translate into political catharsis. The first step is accepting how we got to this point.

“We wear the mask,” poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote about Black life in America. His poem described how oppressed minorities masked themselves to avoid violence. Beginning with his image, we will examine the themes of psychedelic art and literature to rediscover the ideas and rituals that lead to liberation.

Come and explore the role of psychedelics, and the art that conveys psychedelic experience, in challenging political oppression. Using story-telling and political critique, we can show how medicinal plants create consciousness that enables us to “take off the mask”.

Nicholas Powers is an poet and associate professor of literature. He has written for The Indypendent, Truth-Out, The Village Voice and Alternet. He has reported from Hurricane hit New Orleans, the Darfur Genocide, Burning Man and post earthquake Haiti.

$20 advance / $25 on the door

Graphic by Alex Grey