This week’s TTT will be a little different! We will have Paul Austin from Third Wave discussing microdosing! Check out their site at Because of time constraints, this TTT (03/09/17) will start at 6pm!

Microdosing is using sub-perceptual doses of LSD, psilocybin, or other psychedelics, to help alleviate depression, OCD, anxiety, or just help a person be happier, over a period of about a month or so. It’s a way to get the “after-glow” of a good psychedelic trip without having to go through the intensity of a full-blown psychedelic experience (a frequently cited reason most people hold off on trying psychedelics in the first place!).

Join us at our usual Art Cafe + Bar this Thursday to learn about Microdosing and socialize with other psychedelically-inclined friends!

Feel free to email with any q’s!