A discussion about addiction and recovery: From Bill W.’s acid insights to psychedelic healing and practice.

Facilitated by Dimitri Mugiani and Kevin Franciotti

Join us for an evening exploring the fascinating connection between psychedelics and the origins of the Twelve Steps, contemporary indigenous ceremony using plant-medicines for addiction treatment, and the use of psychedelics by people in recovery.

People in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction have found benefit from intentional use of psychedelics as an aid to their process of spiritual awakening through the Twelve Steps, originally brought forth by Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA is an abstinence based approach for recovery from alcoholism, where members work towards a spiritual awakening along with meetings, sponsorship, and fellowship. Yet even AA’s co-Founder, Bill Wilson, personally benefited from a mystical-type experience before he later got sober, and also underwent treatment for depression using LSD-assisted psychotherapy.

Many contemporary indigenous traditions that incorporate plant-based psychedelics – such as peyote by the Native American Church, ayahuasca among the Amazonian tribes, and iboga among the Bwiti tribes of Central Africa – have applied their ceremonies to treat people struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

Join us for a lively discussion about the potential of psychedelics to treat addiction, and the use of psychedelics by people who have a history of addiction.

$20 advance
$25 on the door