Following the success of our ongoing monthly groups held at The New School, we are happy to offer a new opportunity for individuals to share about their experiences with psychedelics in a safe, supportive setting.
The group will begin with a brief introduction and guided meditation by Katherine MacLean, PhD (Director of the Psychedelic Program), followed by facilitated discussion and spontaneous sharing. We will focus on best practices for implementing positive life changes and reducing potential harms associated with psychedelic use.
If you have had a personal psychedelic experience, whether it was intensely positive or challenging and confusing, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your story and learn from others about how to integrate the lessons from these experiences into your daily life. The group is also open to people who have never had a personal experience with psychedelics.

Please note that in keeping with the law and out of respect for your fellow group members, we strongly discourage the active use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group meetings. Information about The Psychedelic Program, including monthly groups, individual psychotherapy, and educational and training events, can be found at

$20 in advance
$25 at the door