Just in time for the holidays, the Bowery Cannabis Club presents an in-depth look at the New Technologies of Cannabis.

To find the best vape pen for your grandmother, the best bottle of CBD oil for your uncle’s pain, or the best method for you to ingest cannabinoids during all the joyful trials of the holidays, learn from our panel of experts and ask questions about all the new technologies of cannabis.

The panel includes:
– Oleg Maryasis, an expert of extraction, testing, and purification of cannabis, will talk about the vape pens he’s built.
– Zoe Platek, one of the queens of dabbing, discusses this rising new art of cannabis concentrates.
– Savino Sguer, an expert extractor & tester, will talk about the purification & testing of cannabis.

Each presenter will give a short talk about their field of expertise and then take part in a group panel to answer your questions. Also, BCC host Lex Pelger will give a quick review of the best items you can buy this holiday season for the cannabis enthusiasts or medicinal cannabis users in your life.

$20 in advance
$25 at door