With Fabian Michael Piorkowsky
Explore how small doses of entheogenic plants can increase your energy and enhance your creativity!In certain circles, microdosing is all the rage.
As Alternet recently reported, “Microdosing refers to taking extremely small doses of psychedelics, so small that the affects usually associated with such drugs are not evident or are “sub-perceptual,” while going about one’s daily activities. It’s being done by anyone from harried professionals to extreme athletes to senior citizen businesswomen, and they’re claiming serious benefits from it.”

Fabian Michael Piorkowsky was the first to develop a process for alchemical microdosing with plant spirit medicines — ayahuasca, san pedro, iboga — years before it became a trend. Now he is taking this approach to the next level by using an alchemical spagyric process, rather than simple dilution, to obtain the plant essences.

In this talk, Fabian will describe how microdosing works upon the body and spirit — from medical, scientific, and shamanic perspectives.

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