Hello Psychedelic Society Members! At least once a month, we host “Psychedelic Dinners”, where members can come and socialize with one another and discuss anything under the sun regarding psychedelics!

Have you had a personal transformation aided by the use of psychedelics/entheogens? Have psychedelics made your more/less religious or spiritual? It’s a rare occasion where you can reliably know that everyone you’re hanging out with already is interested in psychedelics. And, if you are new to psychedelics, this is a great place to meet real people who can tell you about their experiences with them!

We’ve had lawyers, programmers, waiters, librarians, and many other walks of life come to these dinners, so please don’t worry about fitting in : ) we will help you feel welcome!

To change up the pace a little bit, we will be meeting near Downtown Brooklyn at Threes Brewing (333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY), on Thursday, October 27th. They have excellent burgers (both meat and veggie) too. We will meet at 7pm. If it’s warm enough, we will be out in their nice garden, but otherwise there is plenty of room inside. Feel free to text me (Colin) at 315-383-1499 or Andrei at 347-267-2798 if you can’t find us!