We’ve assembled a noble team of storytellers, comedians & psychedelic drug advocates for all those in town for the 10th anniversary of our beloved Horizons conference on psychedelic research. It’s an evening of stories, love, laughs, & networking to support psychedelic science & drug policy reform.

Hosted by Lex Pelger of Psymposia, part of the night’s proceeds go to benefit the work of MAPS (the Multidisplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) whose work includes getting MDMA through the FDA approval process as a treatment for PTSD and the moving of these powerful entheogens into more mainstream healing practices. This event is also sponsored by SSDP, the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs.

Hear Psychedelic Stories from:

Duncan Trussell, comedian, host of Duncan Trussell Family Hour
– Hear from one of the modern prophets of comedy about his personal take on the importance of psychedelics

Rick Doblin, MAPS Founder & Executive Director
– Hear a personal story from the founder of MAPS helping to explain why he dedicated his life to developing medical, legal, & cultural contexts to allow people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics & marijuana.

Kyp Malone of the band TV on the Radio
– A dedicated explorer, Kyp will share how these psychedelic experiences shaped his life & his music.

Katherine MacLean, renowned psilocybin researcher formerly of Johns Hopkins
– Of the many voices we feature, Dr. MacLean always blows us the way with the power of her testimony. A practicing Buddhist, a new mother & a powerhouse of the psychelic lecture circuit, she always takes a razor’s edge to her subjects in her no-holds-barred talks. Look up her lecture on ‘The Psychedelic Art of Dying: Magic Mushrooms & The Final Meltdown’

Joseph Simcox, botanical explorer & world traveler
– If you know plants, you know Simcox needs no introduction. He’s the botanical wunderkind who brings the power of plant medicines to the people.

Giulia Rozzi, Brooklyn comedian
She won the Moth GrandSLAM. Bust named her one of the 10 funniest women. She’s been on many shows, hosts the Hopefully We Don’t Break Up podcast & her solo show Bad Bride toured all over. A wonderful performer with a message as important as it is funny. See her TedX talk ‘Healing loneliness with laughter’.

Isaac Abrams, pioneering psychedelic artist
A leading artist in the era as psychedelics rolled into the American concsiouness, his large lucious & intricate pieces speak to the archetypes that only someone of his talent can capture & the slideshow of his art will absolutely astonish.

Britta Love – healer, writer & local sexuality powerhouse
She will share on the power of ibogaine for addiction & healing.

Adam Strauss, writer & performer of The Mushroom Cure
His Off-Broadway show at the Cherry Theater kept getting extended because of rave reviews & packed houses. Come here how the magic mushroom helped him cure his OCD.

Hila Katz on the power of MDMA for PTSD

Archie Jamieson, Baltimore comedian


Psychedelic Stories is a benefit afterparty hosted by Psymposia and sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), following Day 1 of Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics 2016 10th Anniversary Conference. Proceeds will go to support Psymposia Magazine & Events, and to help MAPS


We do our best to make all of our events open and accessible to everyone. However, do to circumstances outside of our control, this event is 21+. Thank you for understanding.

Doors open @ 10pm

Tickets and more info at: psymposia.com/psychedelicstoriesnyc