At our last meetup, we featured two psychologists, Fred Muench and Robert K. Morris, who built a biofeedback device for stress management, and a social network/crowdsourcing platform for mental health advice, respectively. And Artificial Intelligence pioneer, Ben Goertzel, who discussed his “Cosmist Manifesto”, a practical philosophy focused on enthusiastically and thoroughly exploring the cosmos — pursuing joy, growth and freedom for oneself and all beings.

This month we continue our focus on “Positive Computing” with Rafael Calvo, a software engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence who runs the Positive Computing Lab at the University of Sydney, and has written the to-date definitive book: Positive Computing: Technology for Wellbeing and Human Potential. Rafael will highlight the technologists and technologies that are being designed to actively improve people’s lives. He’ll focus on specific wellbeing factors — positive emotions, self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy and compassion — and how current and future technologies facilitate these aspects of wellbeing.

Additionally, we’ll feature George Nitzburg, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University, who will address the large gap in access to mental health treatment — and how technology is being used to offer psychotherapy in revolutionary new ways.


6:30-7:00pm: CHECK-IN

7:00-7.30: Rafael Calvo

7:30-8:00pm: George Nitzburg

8:00-8:30: Speaker To Be Announced (“Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine”)

8:30-9:00: Panel Discussion