The Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn seeks to engage its membership in preliminary discussions about advocacy work we could engage in here in New York. Fellow lawyer and blogger Noah Potter and cannabis activist Doug Greene will help me lead a conversation on possible future projects. Doug’s background in advocacy is extensive. He is the Legislative Director of Empire State NORML and Patient Advocacy Coordinator of GITA.

We envision this event, which we hope is a first of many, as a meeting of activists that want to take practical steps in New York to help normalize and legalize psychedelics. But at this point, we’re simply brainstorming.

Example topics of conversation and potential advocacy projects are:

1. A petition for clemency for those in prison for possession of psychedelic substances. This petition would further highlight the draconian nature of the drug war in general, while focusing on its impact on the psychedelic community.

2. There’s an FDA process dedicated to the rescheduling of these substances at the federal level, but is there room for an independent path at the state/local level? Mirroring the cannabis movement where states legalized marijuana in contravention of federal law, are there steps we could take in NY? Examples would be obtaining local political support for the establishment of psychedelic therapy centers to combat substance abuse and PTSD.

3. A list of New Yorkers that would be willing to come out of the psychedelic closet. This “out” list would serve to reduce the stigma associated with psychedelic use.

Note, this is a brainstorming session, and an opportunity to gauge membership interest for this sort of advocacy work. No concrete steps will be taken at this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there, and to hearing your ideas.