Saturday, September 12th

2:00 PM

Park Slope Library

A Talk by Dr. Goldsmith: The History and (Inevitable?) Future of Psychedelics

Saturday, September 12th

2:00 PM

Park Slope Library

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist specializing in psychospiritual development. He is an author of dozens of popular and scholarly articles, and frequently speaks on psychotherapy and change, adult developmental psychology, and psychedelics research and policy. He has curated and hosted innovative workshops, salons, and conferences, including the annual Horizons conference (

Dr. Goldsmith recently sold out a series of lectures at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn entitled Psychedelics and Death: A Brief Introduction.

His talk to our group will focus on a variety of topics and issues, including but not limited to:

The History of Psychedelics, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Research

-Tribal rites of passage

-Rediscovery by the West

-The current research renaissance, including applications for couples therapy, PTSD, addiction, end-of-life anxiety, and meditation at Johns Hopkins, NYU and globally

The Promise of Psychedelics for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development

-The implications of psychedelics for personality theory and clinical practice

-Ego death and rebirth

-Psychedelic love as the ultimate endpoint of personality development

Our Psychedelic Future

-Psychedelics, policy, and cultural change

-A post-postmodern perspective on reality

-Implications: The biggest of big pictures

Dr. Goldsmith will speak for approximately ninety minutes, followed by forty-five minutes of Q+A. Please be sure to arrive on time.

Looking forward to seeing you all!