Inspired by a scientific study showing that hallucinogenic mushrooms may cure obsessive-compulsive disorder, Adam Strauss embarked on a program of vigilante psychopharmocology. The Mushroom Cure is the completely true tale of Adam’s attempt to cure his debilitating OCD with psychedelics. The New York Times said it “mines a great deal of laughter from disabling pain” and Time Out New York called it “riveting… a true-life tour de force” and named it a Critics’ Pick.

All profits from this limited run are going to MAPS in order to fund psychedelic research. It’s playing at Cherry Lane Theatre from July 16th through August 7th. If we go this week, starting tomorrow and ending on Sunday, we get a discount using the code MAPS. The discounted price is $15.

Tuesday July 19th – 7pm
Wednesday July 20th – 8pm
Thursday July 21st – 8pm
Friday July 22nd – 8pm
Saturday July 23rd – 8pm
Sunday July 24th – 2pm

I know a couple of us are thinking of going on Thursday night. If you plan on going on Thursday, let me know so we can get together before/after. Hope to see many of you soon!