Join us for a lecture by Lex Pelger– a drug writer, scientist, Shulginist and host of Psymposia. His current project, a graphic novel called “People of the Cannabinoids”, will tell the story of cannabis with a focus on the endocannabinoid system, the human rights horrors of the War on Weed & the staggering benefits of medical marijuana use by the elderly (Here’s an old sample chapter about the Dispenser and the activist fight for California’s Prop 215).

Lex will begin the night with a lecture explaining the beautiful science of the mysterious and mighty endocannabinoid system. The recently discovered presence of endogenous cannabinoids produced in every human brain & body gives us our first clues as to why cannabis can help treat such a wide swath of human diseases.

Lex will further discuss the evidence supporting the therapeutic benefit of cannabis for the elderly, from peer-reviewed trials to animal experiments to a mountain of anecdotal evidence. Cannabis is no panacea – nothing is – but everything we know indicates that a post-prohibition world would be a happier and healthier one for our grandparents. Indeed, medical marijuana tends to be particularly effective in treating the many conditions of aging, such as menopause, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and neurodegeneration.

After the lecture, we will leave lots of time for Q&A. We hope to foster community here at the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn so please come join us and meet the others!