Screening and Discussion with Dr. William Richards and filmmaker Susan Gervasi, moderated by Christopher Kelley.

Join us for a special screening of Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment and Beyond. The film takes an inside look into the famous group experiment where students took psilocybin at the Marsh Chapel of Boston University in 1962. The study aimed to discover if psilocybin – a then-legal research drug – could “spur the ‘mystical’ state of consciousness described for centuries.”With Harvard professor Timothy Leary, physician Walter Pahnke gave psilocybin to 10 theology students, and a placebo to 10 others during a Methodist church service in Boston. This was the world’s first controlled study of what he called “the psychedelic mystical experience.”

The film also explores the sensational rise and fall of psychedelic research in the turbulent 1960’s featuring interviews with Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Ralph Metzner, Huston Smith, Paul Lee, Stanislav Grof, Rick Doblim, William Richardand Roland Griffiths.

Following the film Christopher Kelley will moderate a discussion with the filmmaker Susan Gervasi and William Richards, author of Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences.

This event is co-sponsored by Consciouness Hacking NYC, Psymposia, and the Psychedelic Society of NYC